Co Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Co extrusion blow molding machine is mainly composed of five parts: feeding, plastic parison extrusion, mold closing and blowing, cooling, mold opening and trimming.

1. Blow molding machine loading

The feeding of the blow molding machine is the automatic feeding system of the blow molding machine itself, which sucks the plastic particles into the feeding machine; melts them at high temperature, and enters the blow molding machine head.

Co Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

2. Plastic parison extrusion

The blow molding machine head is a key part to control the number of layers of blow molding products and the size of blow molding. Sometimes there are differences in details inside the machine head for products made of different materials.

After the molten plastic parison is extruded, it is extruded through the die like toothpaste; and the plastic parison flows down slowly like a cylindrical dough.

3. Mold blowing

When the parison reaches the bottom, the upper and lower splints will slide and close, and air will be blown into the parison to quickly blow up the parison; allowing the parison to fill the entire mold.

4. Cooling

After air blowing, the parison is still at high temperature and unshaped. If it is not cooled, it will collapse and it is quickly cooled with cooling water to quickly cool and shape the plastic product.

5. Mold trimming

Extrusion blow molding machine when the plastic product is cooled and shaped, the mold can be opened; and the top mechanical splint will clamp the plastic product with scraps, and then cut the scraps to become the final product.