1.6 Liters Soy Sauce Blow Molding Machine

Bestar Machinery provides customers with 1.6 liters soy sauce blow molding machine, used in blow molding soy sauce bottles, edible vinegar bottles, milk bottles, yogurt bottles, etc. Bestar Machinery will provide professional blow moulding machine solution according to your needs up to CoEx 6-layer.

Cavities per mould: 4 folds, cycle time: 26 seconds, article output: 26585 pcs/day, net weight: 115±3g.

Technical Parameter

Article 1.6 Liters Soy Sauce
Cavities Per Mould 4 folds
Double/Single Stations Double Station
Net Weight 115±3g
Cycle Time 26 seconds
Article Output 26585 pcs/day
Machine Type B20D-900

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