Shampoo Bottle Manufacturing Machine

Shampoo Bottle Manufacturing Machine Description:

Shampoo bottle manufacturing machine is suitable for 100ml-5L plastic products, such as shampoo bottle, laundry liquid bottle, detergent bottle, medicine bottle, disinfectant bottle, etc. The shampoo bottle blow molding machine can achieve multi-layer, multi-cavity, multi-color, with simple operation, smooth running, clean, fast speed and so on. The blow molding machine is equipped with manipulator, leak-detecting machine, conveyor belt, in-mold labeling machine and so on to achieve streamline operation.

Shampoo Bottle Manufacturing Machine

Shampoo Bottle Manufacturing Machine Characteristic:

1. The shampoo bottle blow molding machine adopts multi-layer co-extrusion design, with herringbone runner inside the head to ensure uniform product wall thickness.
2. mold closing structure: three plate inclined arm double pull rod synchronous mold closing mechanism, large modulus, stable mold locking, template is not easy to deformation.

Shampoo Bottle Manufacturing Machine
3. The bottle blow molding machine can be optional with wall thickness control system, oil-electric mixing system, servo precise control, fast response speed, no noise, improve product quality, improve equipment production efficiency.
4. The inside of the head is smooth, and the curved runner has no dead Angle, so that the surface and inner wall of the product are smooth and without flow marks.

Blow Molding Machine Application:

Shampoo Bottle Manufacturing Machine

Blow Molding Machine Video:

Technical Parameter:

Article 750ml ReCo 3-Layer Bottle
Diehead 6-Fold Extrusion Head
Layer ReCo 3-Layer
Double/Single Stations Double Station
Net Weight 43±1g
Cycle Time 16 Seconds
Article Output Per Hour 2700 Pcs/Hour
Machine Type B15D-560