Plastic Chemical Barrel Blow Molding Machine

Plastic Chemical Barrel Blow Molding Machine Description:

Chemical barrel blow molding machine is used for producing HDPE PE PP 5-10L chemical barrel, stacking bucket etc. The specific size and volume can be customized according to your requirements, adding liquid level line, single layer, double layer, etc.

Plastic Chemical Barrel Blow Molding Machine

Extrusion system: High hardness bimetalic screw for longer lifespan. Good screw and teeth design for better plasticizing effect. Reialble performance of gear box, motor and inverter. Belt wheel speed rate is calculated according to target output Pre-heating with intelligent protection for screw and motor. Screen filter is optional for small or light weight bottles. Reasonable head runner design for color change quickly. Die & core individualized according to your product width. Each cylinder at each side for head lifting smoothly.

Clamping system: For continuous extrusion blow molding machine we adopt axail type horizontal translation clamping unit. The mould open close and carriage up down are executed with 2 separated hydraulic cylinders. The latens are made with cast iron and CNC processing for enough strength and high precision and parallelism, under strong clamping force taken by mould in balance, the scraps could removed easily. Also we could make nether bent arm central clamping structure as optional for higher action speed and better clamping effect.

Hydraulic system: Composed of motor, pump, pressure regulating valve block, reversing valve blocks, cylinders and oil chillers. Control platens open and close, carriage up and down, blow pin up and down, special action technics for mould. Optimized hydraulic design to adopt pressure, flow and time 3 factors to control action precision and smoothness. Platen moving cylinders with mechanical shuttle valve to reduce impact force at end position. High stationarity and reliability, accurate operation, long longevity and quick response.

Blow Molding Machine Video:

Chemical Barrel Blow Molding Machine Application:

Plastic Chemical Barrel Blow Molding Machine

Technical Parameter:

Article 30L Stackable Container
Diehead 1-Fold Extrusion Head
Layer ReCo 3-Layer
Double/Single Stations Double Station
Net Weight 1300±10g
Cycle Time 60 Seconds With IML
Article Output Per Hour 120 Pcs/Hour
Machine Type B25D-750