Laundry Liquid Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Bottle Blow Molding Machine Description:

Laundry liquid bottle blow molding machine is double station extrusion blow molding machine for 2L as maximum. The blow molding machine is used for detergent bottle, laundry liquid bottle, shampoo bottle, glue bottle, addictive agent bottle, hand washing soap bottle etc.

The bottle blow molding machine adopts PLC programmable controller and HITECH touch panel. English parameter process setting, state monitoring and products counting are convenient and intuitionistic. The blow molding machine has features of high stationarity and reliability, accurate operation, long longevity, quick response and so on.

Laundry Liquid Bottle Blow Molding Machine

The main hydraulic system is mainly composed of motor, pump, pressure regulating valve block, reversing valve blocks, cylinders and oil chillers. The hydraulic system controls platens open & close, carriage up & down, extrusion system up & down, blow pin actions, or even spinning cut and so on.

Based on your wanted bottle type, we can help you to select the suitable blow molding machine and provide the whole line layout sketch according to your workshop.

Blow Molding Machine Application:

Laundry Liquid Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Blow Molding Machine Video:

Blow Molding Machine Technical Parameter:

Article 750ml Inclined Neck Bottle
Diehead 6-Fold Extrusion Head
Layer Deco
Double/Single Stations Double Station
Net Weight 43±1g
Cycle Time 16 Seconds
Article Output Per Hour 2700 Pcs/Hour
Machine Type B15D-560