Chemical Stacking Barrel Manufacturing Machine

Chemical stacking barrel manufacturing machine is suitable for producing 10L/20L/25L/30L stackable chemical barrels, plastic barrels, etc. The stacking barrel manufacturing machine adopts the first-in-first-out material storage die head, which is convenient for material cleaning and shortens the color changing time.

Chemical Stacking Barrel Manufacturing Machine

Blow Molding Machine Technical Characteristics:

1. Electric control system: German Siemens PLC plus man-machine interface color touch-screen operation, modular temperature control. All process settings, changes, search monitoring, fault diagnosis, etc. can be realized on the touch screen to ensure the safe, stable and fast operation of the electronic control system.

2. Storing die head: the flow channel is made of high-quality 38rHoV nitrided alloy steel, the surface is mirror-finished, and the material and color can be changed quickly.

3. Mold opening and closing: The blow molding machine adopts linear guide rails, the mold locking is more uniform, and the product closing line is more beautiful.

4. Hydraulic system: The blow molding machine adopts a new generation of uniform energy-saving hydraulic system, equipped with imported hydraulic valves and oil pumps, which significantly reduces energy consumption.

Technical Parameter:

Article 30L Stackable Container
Diehead 1-Fold Extrusion Head
Layer ReCo 3-Layer
Double/Single Stations Double Station
Net Weight 1300±10g
Cycle Time 60 Seconds With IML
Article Output Per Hour 120 Pcs/Hour
Machine Type B25D-750